AC Daikin 4 Way Ceiling Mounted Cassette SkyAir 2 PK Wired – FCRN50FXV14 (WR)

Rp 14.850.000

Cassette air conditioner with 4-way air flow
This unit promotes even air distribution covering every corner of the room by combining 4-ways air discharge and large discharge area.

Fine square panels
Panel size is same for all models, Its is easy to maintain a neat appearence when multiple units are installed

Compact body Quiet Operation
Indoor units as an aerodynamically designed difuser turbo fan. Draft resistance has been reduced by incorporating into a single unit, an impeller and a diffuse to control air flow inside the unit. The diffuser turbo fan is both quite during operation and compact.


Kapasitas pendingin 18.500 Btu/h
Konsumsi Listrik 5363 W
EER 3,08 Btu/h
Dimensions Indoor + Outdoor (H x W x D) 246 x 840 x 840 mm + 651 x 855 x 328 mm
Sound Level Indoor + Outdoor (H/M/L) 34/32/30 dB(A) + 52 dB(A)
Piping Connections Ø 12,7 (gas) +  Ø 6,4 (cair)
Garansi indoor + Outdoor Garansi Compressor 3 Tahun + Komponen lainnya 1 Tahun
Type AC Daikin Mini Skyair Ceiling Mounted Cassette 2 PK Wired – FCRN50FXV14 (WR)